The creater

The creater

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year, new start.

So it's 2011. Time to reinvent myself and set new challenges....

Not that i had any complaints with 2010, in fact it was the most productive and rewarding year to date.
I finally achieved my burning ambition to travel around India, which was truly amazing on many levels. I also spent time in Burma (Myanmar) for an altogether different experience.
This trip helped me overcome fears and filled me confidence to embark on the next chapter, which was just around the corner.

I moved back to the UK for the first time in 7 years, although at first (in mind) it wasn't to my liking as it seemed to be backward move, i in fact progressed several rungs on my career ladder.
Quite amazing i never sort after this position, it found me in a sleepy little South Yorkshire village.
I often stand back and the lyrics from the Talking Heads song "Once in a lifetime" appear "How did i get here"
I also got to spend time with family again, which has been an absence almost all of the last 11 years. A cycling trip to Normandy in France was a great opportunity to get to know my big bro for seems like the first time.

As i spend a lot of time around Eastern Europeans at work i thought it would be beneficial to make a trip over there to understand more about there culture and Ukraine was my destination of choice.
Unlike anywhere I've been before, but again i left with a positive feeling.

If 2011 can bring me the same excitement, challenges and rewards I'll be very happy and full filled indeed. I have travel ideas, physical tests and a whole new start by the end of the year to come.

Am looking forward to it already.....

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