The creater

The creater

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Is it me or does it seem like the start to new year is full natural disaster and bad news ?
Lets start with the floods in Queensland Australia, utterly devastating for the driest Continent in the world, how do you deal with so much rain when your not ready for it ? Peoples life's are in turmoil and may never be the same again.
Be it the wettest, the coldest, the hottest, the driest new records seem to be apart of life at the moment, it's hard not to start pointing the finger at global warming and climate change again.
But hold on we are in recession we can't be thinking about that, lets go out and buy some more useless shit to make us happy for a while, who cares if it ends up in land fill..

What else, the scare mongery the British press try to put on us daily. Petrol price rises, Tube strikes, more bad weather on it way, VAT at 20%, Unemployment at an all time high and killers on the loose, also who gives a fuck about these so called celebrities ?? Well that it may be but i get the feeling their trying to wind the public up. But it gives us something to moan about. The British love a good moan and bitch. It sells... and am doing right now.

"City life" that's another topic altogether to follow...
OK good news is i got my new super primus multi-full stove and am starting to look forward to few trips this year in which i can us it. Back to basics, life is bliss..

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